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Opt Out of Apple Valley CCA

Would you switch cable or phone companies with the promise that they could save up to 5% on your service? We didn’t think so either, but that is what your new government power provider is promising!

This scheme is propping up renewable energy. Renewable energy always costs more!

If you live in Apple Valley, California, you were switched into a government power business on April 1, 2017. You weren’t “choice” – April Fools!

All the other cities in San Bernardino basically said no to continue studying Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), but not Apple Valley. They pulled the trigger and now ratepayers may have to deal with the potential negative consequences of subsidizing renewable energy.

The Foothill Tax Payers Association has studied this issue and recommends that customers opt out ASAP.

Below is one of the required notices that the city has sent out. Notice that they don’t promote the Opt Out option. We highlighted it for you.

Click here to Opt Out now!


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