Think You Are Safe From California? Think Again…

Those that believe that the problems in California will not effect them have another thing coming. They are already impacting your State; hence, they are impacting you. You can’t build a wall around California but you can promote this campaign, America: Don’t Be Like California.

People have been pouring out of California for that past two decades into other States and taking their politics with them. There is an exodus from the State and you need to be aware that people want to change your way of life through their political ideology. They will do it by stealth because they know that most people are not engaged. They are engaged. They are well funded. They will transform your way of life while you sleep.

How to stay awake…

We plan a series of videos and training for this campaign. Let’s start with basic problem solving techniques and how to apply this to some research.

Problem Identification and Solutions

  • The Problem and the Cause of the Problem: You have to identify the problem. People misconstrue the problem and cause all the time, many times on purpose to confuse people in order to keep them running in circles dealing with symptoms rather than the real issue.  To that end we’ve included a few articles here so that you are aware of what is sinking California.
  • Potential Solutions: Once you’ve identified the problem and it’s cause you can develop solutions
  • Implement Solution and Followup: Once you have implemented a solution it is important to followup and measure your results.

Research: Learn from this issue of the July 9, 2018 issue of the  New American Magazine. Since California is the blueprint for the rest of the country, there is no better lesson then to study the issues and policies that are sinking the state.

Golden No Longer: Is California Doomed?

California: How Left Can it Go?

California: Fighting for Freedom – and Survival