Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation

In his book, “Technocracy Rising, The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation”, Patrick Wood chronicles the past 100 years and pulls the reader forward in time to explain the scientific religion of technocracy; how it was started, how it was developed, how it was implemented and how it will impact the United States and the world now, and in the future. Wood is the point guard on the Trilateral Commission (TLC). His original research on this unelected think tank started in the early 1970s and is invaluable as he ties the TLC directly to his theories on technocracy and globalization, which is rule by unelected, boards, bodies’ commissions, through sustainable development (SD); a sophisticated rationing system based on conservation and scientific management techniques. The ultimate goal of technocracy is a scientific dictatorship and will be accomplished by changing the economic structure of the world from capitalism’s free market priced-based economy, to a scientific dictatorship based on a strict carbon-based rationing system. In this new economy people will be issued carbon credits and cash will be obsolete. Unlike cash, carbon credits will expire. People will not be able to save and individually prosper. In this new Orwellian economy, people will once again return to serf status of the dark ages.

End Notes

The ultimate goal of SD through Technocracy is to globally inventory, catalog and control all assets, including human assets. You are being watched. You are being manipulated by behavior modification techniques. You are being controlled.

  • The government records and surveilles your smart phone and records your movements via GPS systems.
  • You now have smart meters on your house. Government is beginning to ration utilities based on per capita allowance using data collection.
  • A Cap & Trade permit exchanged has been established. This system can be monetized and eventually rolled out globally to usher in a cashless society. Google Block Chain.
  • Infrastructure – Cities are purchasing their light poles and rapidly installing video surveillance systems and developing fiber optic networks to accommodate the Internet of Things (IoT) where all the appliances in your house can be monitored by the government.
  • The next phase of wireless called 5G is being discussed as a National Utility. Google 5G.
  • Geoengineering weather control programs are now in place and being implemented worldwide.
  • Self-driving cars are a reality and being tested.
  • California has completed their road charge piolet program where promoting a vehicle mileage tax (VMT).
  • Real ID. is a reality where biometric data will stored and used to monitor individuals.