Overview of U.N. Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development in California

Dan Titus of iAgenda 21 provides an overview.

See article for more details about the genesis of Agenda 2030

Overview of U.N. Agenda 21 – International Origins

John Anthony of Sustainable Freedom Lab provides an overview.


Say NO to Road Charge and Vehicle Mileage Taxes – VMT

Say NO to Government Electricity (CCA)

Wildlife Corridors, Priority Development Areas (PDAs) & Theft of Gas Tax Money

Heather Gass gives update on Plan Bay Area and conservation easements.

Download PDF notes for the above video

California vs. The Suburbs: Planners and  Smart Growth

Demographer Joel Kotkin on Sustainable Development in Los Angeles.

The Folly of Cap & Trade Schemes

How Big Oil Conquered the World

Oil. The 19th century was transformed by it. The 20th century was shaped by it. And the 21st century is moving beyond it. But who gave birth to the oil industry? What have they done with the immense wealth and power that it has granted them? And what are they planning to do with that power in a post-carbon world? This is the remarkable true story of the oiligarchs and the world they have created. View video @ The Corbett Report.

Why Big Oil Conquered the World – 10-2017

The 20th century was the century of oil. From farm to fork, factory to freeway, there is no aspect of our modern life that has not been shaped by the oil industry. But as the “post-carbon” era of the 21st century comes into view, there are those who see this as the end of the Oiligarchy. They couldn’t be more wrong. This is the remarkable true story of the world that Big Oil is creating, and how they plan to bring it about. Go to The Corbett Report for complete transcripts and more details.

Elected Officials can Simply Say “NO”: Florida Commissioner Haddox comments on the Regional Seven50 Plan: motion calling for Martin County FLA to withdraw from Seven50. Elected officials CAN opt out of Sustainable Development (SD) programs.