Get Out! Rescind the Countywide Vision

What to do…

Get your city council to place a motion on the calendar for an up or down vote to rescind the Countywide Vision statement.

The Countywide Vision statement, that cities in San Bernardino County, California signed, promotes squishy climate change solutions, which are paid for by higher taxes and fees. Visions provide cover for State legislators to ration energy, water, mobility to get us out of our cars, all with new taxes. These taxes are distributed to disadvantaged communities. Sacramento  says, because of voluntary visions: “This is what the people want.” No, the people did not vote for this vision, which was instituted after the 2008 economic crisis to grease the County with grant money

  • In essence, the vision promotes, water rationing, higher utility bills and gas taxes. All fomented by unelected, unaccountable Element Groups. You don’t get to vote on taxes and fees; but you are paying for them.
  • Planning “experts” have duped cites into believing that young people want want to live in small apartments, ride bikes, walk and have no desire to drive cars. This is, The Millennial Myth. A joint university study proves this. Even the head of the SoCal planning agency agrees:

“So this idea that Millennials are not loving their car or not loving to live the way the baby boomers is not proving to be the case.”Hasan Ikhrata, president of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)

So why do planners keep pushing the myth? To get more grant and loan dollars to push guidelines and recommendations in to your city, which ultimately co$t you more and lowers your standard of living.

Stop being duped by unelected planning groups and tell your ELECTED officials to rescind the vision!

  • Contact your city representatives and tell them to put the item on the agenda for a vote.

The city of Hesperia pulled out of the Countywide Vision in October, 2018.


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