Stopped! Inland Empire Government Power

Stop Inland Empire Govenment Power

Update, 5-7-2017 : Activists Win!

This was a successful campaign where activists stopped government power in the Inland Empire

Background: This campaign was developed by the American Coalition for Sustainable Communities (ACSC) and the Foothill Taxpayers Association (FTPA). The board of directors of the local council of government or COG was going to vote to spend more money to advance the agenda to install a new government power company business in the Inland Empire in California. This new business was being proposed to “save” people money. The meeting was held on 5-5-2017 where the proposal was defeated.

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ACTION ALERT: Your Presence is Requested at a Very Important Meeting in the IE. Simply Show up to one meeting: Help Stop Government Takeover of Your Power…

Planners and consultants are at it again. They are advocating that cities and counties switch from private investor owned utilities (IOU) to government entities. Their claim: to save ratepayers money. NOT! This is impossible because government utilities will push subsidized “green” renewable energy, which costs more to produce. When was the last time government offered anything for free or at a better price?

“… it’s a fact, renewable energy always
costs more…”
– Mayor Carolyn Petty, Hermosa Beach

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is a policy that enables local governments to aggregate (add up) electricity demand within their jurisdictions in order to procure alternative renewable energy (wind and solar) supplies while maintaining the existing electricity provider for transmission and distribution services.” It promotes expensive renewable energy over traditional forms of energy. In short, it adds a middle man to siphon off more of your money.

A CCA has been proposed that will impact electricity rates in all of the cities in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, including Chochella Valley and Indian tribes. The plan will spend millions in FINANCED capitalization costs, establishing a Joint Power Authority (JPA) – another unelected board. The costs include staffing (can you say pensions) and overhead. A consultant report says that ratepayers can realize LESS THAN 5% savings on their current electricity bill – BIG DEAL!!, a whopping 5%…

Bait N’ Switch

CCA will force opt-in to a new government power company

Customers will be enrolled in the new CCA, whether they want it or not. THEN, they can opt out if they don’t want it. Most people will have no clue that they have been automatically switched. If a CCA is so great, why are customers being forced to join? This alone is a reason to reject this over reaching power grab.

Why is This Happening Now?

Now that Federal Stimulus money has dried up, this is a way to shift the burden for subsidized renewable energy permanently onto the backs of local ratepayers.


The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) board of directors will be meeting to vote on a final draft plan for the CCA. We have an opportunity to STOP THIS NOW.

Show Up in Person at the Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

10:00 AM

SBCTA Headquarters Santa Fe Depot
1170 W. 3rd St. San Bernardino, CA 92410

Tell Your Elected Representatives on the Board to SAY NO Inland Empire Government Power: AGENDA Item 16

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