Rancho Cucamonga, California, Receives “Tainted” All-America City Award

By Dan Titus, August 28, 2020

The city applied for the National Civic League (NCL) award to garner publicity for the dozens of social and environmental justice programs – climate change – it supports. These programs promote social change, subvert the middle-class and reduce standards of living for people that live in the city. Resiliency, or protecting poor people from oppressive environmental health impacts, is a cornerstone of these programs. Nonprofits aligned with the Marxist revolutionary group Black Lives Matter (BLM) have taken up the battle cry of racism: a public health crisis. In this context “health” means environmental health. The premise: poor people have, for decades, been disproportionately exposed to environmental hazards such as bad air, and now, the hazards of COVID-19.  

According to the NCL, “The need for equity and resilience has become more obvious in 2020, as communities have dealt with a global pandemic and racial bias incidents in law enforcement.” Further, All-America City applicants for 2021 will be asked to provide examples of projects that have “adapted and transformed the community to be more equitable and resilient. Some include: promote racial healing and equity, enhance equity in the community’s COVID-19 response, reform law enforcement to improve racial equity, engage the community in work to prevent climate change, create affordable and safe housing, and reduce poverty.”

In a Daily Bulletin staff article, dated March 19, 2020 titled, – Rancho Cucamonga is finalist for All-America City Award, “The 2020 spotlight for the award is efforts focused on practices that enhance health and well-being for all, and particularly for populations experiencing poorer health outcomes.” The city’s Healthy RC program was cited.

Healthy RC Living is a program initiated by Rancho Cucamonga. The city receives grant funding, among others, from First 5 San Bernardino by adhering strictly to their guidelines on “Principles on Equity.” The “First 5” commission describes the program as a, “Collaborative networks of schools, community and faith-based organizations, public and private agencies and city governments that make up Healthy City/Healthy denoting that Community designations are powerful vehicles for social change within their own community.   

Valerie Lemmie, Chairperso for NCL, is a Initiatives of Change, USA (IofC), board trustee and treasurer.  IofC supports the Marxist revolutionary movement Black Lives Matter (BLM).

IofC seeks to transform America from capitalism to socialism because of, “the condition of involuntary servitude perpetuated by racist capitalist economies in order to develop the Americas… resulting in deeply embedded systems and structures of racist inequality.” Therefore, they seek to redefine racism as institutional, systemic or structural. Meaning, it is chronic and can never go away. In other words, white people are guilty for the “sins” of the past, present, and  future because they had, have, and will have too much wealth under “racist capitalist economies.”

According to Fox News broadcast on August 27, 2020: “Between April and June, the U.S. economy shrank 31.7%, the biggest drop ever; 58 million Americans applied for assistance since the lockdowns began in March.” Populations are in flux.

People are fleeing the liberal cities by the droves. They are seeking safe harbor in the nation’s suburbs and rural ares; however, environmental climate change rules have already inched their ways into suburbs in California. Rancho Cucamonga has embraced dozens of these “Green New Deal” programs already, including the city’s Health RC program, which had a budget of over $4 million dollars between 2010 and 2017.

The city has signed a contract with the State in order to subsidize the city’s centrally-planned General Plan, constricting local control. Importing poverty into urbanized, high-density communities will eventually change the city’s ambiance from suburban to a urban. This will reduce middle-class standards of living as the city imports poverty under “social justice”, all under the banner of “racial equity.” The city has steadily been moving towards urbanization.

According to a Staff Report dated, December 18, 2019:

The current General Plan establishes the vision for Rancho Cucamonga as a healthy, innovative community with high quality development, urban centers and corridors.

The New General Plan vision will be:

City’s vision for a resilient, equitable and healthy community address issues and challenges facing the City, including diversifying employment opportunities, expanding housing and mobility choice and preserving the character, history, and quality of life that make Rancho Cucamonga a special place to live.

It’s a bold statement to, “preserve the character, history, and quality of life that make Rancho Cucamonga a special place to live”, given all the social-oriented programs the city is involved with.

The city of Rancho Cucamonga is a dichotomy. On the surface it appears to lean conservative; however, the city planners, manager and city council support liberal environmentalism and social justice programs. This is evidenced by the “tainted” award the city solicited. The city should simply return the award and disassociate all future endeavors with the progressive nonprofit, National Civic League.

Dan Titus is affiliated with the American Coalition for Sustainable Communities (ACSC). Their mission is sustaining representative government; not governance, by socialist-oriented unelected agencies and commissions.