Say “NO” to Mandated Vaccinations – Your Legal Remedy

April 24, 2020

You have rights and the majority does not trump those rights. If there are risks to you, you have a right to refuse. Vaccines are not tested for cancer potential, mutation potential or impairment of fertility; there are risks associated with them. That’s why the government publishes vaccine safety information. Its called the vaccine insert and section 13 informs you of the negative effects of the product. It exists so that you can make an informed decision about the safety of the product. This is called “Informed Consent”.

Here are documents from Jerry at that will assist in challenging mandatory vaccines:


This document “accepts” vaccination on the condition that ALL administrators of that vaccine accept that there are risks and accept personal liability for all harm they cause with their vaccine. They will not sign it because they know vaccines are hazardous. When they refuse to sign, that is their admission of risk, and, with that admission, you may rightfully refuse the vaccine. A more complete explanation of this vaccination notice is below. Download link


We may soon be facing “mandated” vaccines. Those who have studied vaccines know that vaccines come with severe hazards and we must resist and oppose unlawful forced medical treatments. This document is “Refusal For Cause” to be given to anyone who threatens to force medical treatment on us. Download link

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