Sedition in San Bernardino County, California

There is Capitalism, everything else is collectivism

by Dan Titus, – August 26, 2020

As I write this, the city of Portland, Oregon, is in its 90th day of Marxist political siege of rioting and civil unrest. Kenosha, Wisconsin is in day 3 of rioting, denoting 2 deaths. The riots, fomented by Marxist revolutionary groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM), create chaos to further the primary long-term political goal for system change, from Capitalism to Socialism.

Overt & Covert Sedition

The U.S. has always been a target of collectivists who want to change our system by implementing a long-term strategic plan to transform America. This is accomplished covertly and overtly.

Covert socialist programs include environmental policy – climate change – and show up in city general plans and in vision statements. The socialist, slight-of- hand, San Bernerdino County Countywide vision is an example.

Marxist groups always seek out trigger events to further their agenda to transform America. The agenda has always been system change: from capitalism to socialism. What is the difference? There is capitalism, everything else is collectivism.

Overt sedition is evidenced in the case of the ongoing riots. The trigger event was the George Floyd death. This lit the fuse for organized tactical riots fomented by well financed Marxist groups, like BLM. The riots are a means to an end in order to:

  1. To further the strategic agenda to collapse of American into socialism and,
  2. Garner support for the agenda through government programs and policy, including financing. Resolutions provide encouragement and add legitimacy for government, nonprofit foundations and corporation support.

Riots: Tactical Battle Plan – Pincer Tactic Used

  • Phase one: Riots – Create Chaos and fear motivation from the streets
    – from below – Issue: Defund the police. Elected officials cave with knee jerk reactions.
  • Phase two: Demand “bread and circuses” – Socialist groups “motivate” public officials from above. Officials “in ivory towers of government” capitulate to revolutionary demands for policy change and money. Example: San Bernardino County Supervisors sided with Black Lives Matters (BLM) related groups to deem racism a public health crisis. Fanning the flames of revolution, they created a resolution crafted by George Soros financed group, Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (COPE) leaders and County Supervisor, Janice Rutherford. The resolution was actively promoted by Chairman, Curt Hagman empowering Marxist groups to promote racism: a public health crisis, nationwide. The board of Supervisors then solidified their support for BLM groups; they issued an award to COPE leader, Samuel Casey.

Dan Titus is affiliated with the American Coalition for Sustainable Communities (ACSC). Their mission is sustaining representative government; not governance, by socialist-oriented unelected agencies and commissions.