The Chain of Environmental Command


The Chain of Environmental Command: How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA

A smoking gun…

Explosive! –  Not since the Dodd Report to the Reece Committee on Foundations in 1954, has a report identified the destructive nature of tax exempt foundations and their goal: socialism.

This title, is a Minority Staff Report by the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works – The evidence provided in this report highlights the lengths the far-left environmental movement goes to hide sources of funding and to disguise their actions – bought and paid for by millionaires and billionaires – as charitable acts in service of their fellow man. This report outlines a sampling of the individuals, foundations, and practices that are active in our political system today, shedding light on just a fraction of the activities of the far-left environmental machine that undermines American free enterprise and resource security.

Just a Few of the Key Findings

  • The “Billionaire’s Club,” an exclusive group of wealthy individuals, directs the far-left environmental movement. The members of this elite liberal club funnel their fortunes through private foundations to execute their personal political agenda, which is centered around restricting the use of fossil fuels in the United States. (Pg. 6)
  • The Billionaire’s Club has established a dozen prominent private foundations with huge sums of money at their disposal to spend on environmental causes. (Pg. 9)
  • Members of the Billionaire’s Club also donate directly to 501(c)(3) public charities. Generally, the public charity is considered the preferred status under the tax code, based on the greater tax benefits and protections on donor disclosures. (Pg. 10)
  • Public charities attempt to provide the maximum amount of control to their donors through fiscal sponsorships, which are a legally suspect innovation unique to the left, whereby the charity actually sells its nonprofit status to a group for a fee. (Pg. 12)
  • Nearly all of the public charities discussed in this report have an affiliated 501(c)(4) that engages in activities designed to influence elections and have no restrictions on their lobbying efforts. The funding of a 501(c)(4) by a 501(c)(3) affiliates is provocative in light of the legal restrictions on public charities from participating in political campaigning, either directly or indirectly, while permitting a 501(c)(4) to significantly engage in campaign activities. (Pg. 14)
  • Members of the Billionaire’s Club put a premium on access to the complex environmental infrastructure that has evolved to leverage substantial assets towards achieving defined policy outcomes. (Pg. 16)

Change the System: Capitalism to Socialism

Page 21 – The notion that far-left environmental charities fight for the interest of the common man is encapsulated in a video promoted by This video, which articulates their fight against capitalism, argues that the “extractive economy,” harms both the environment and the common man: “The new economy has to step away, and then push back at those old pillars, because it has to be a new economy that is about sustainable resources, that puts people before profit, that puts planet before profit.” Video: How We Live: A Journey Towards a Just Transition (EDGE Funders Alliance, 2014) YouTube

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