Action Committee

Citizen Action Committee Start-up Kit


This program will provide your newly formed Citizen Action Committee with the tools needed to:

1. Educate your public officials about California AB32 and SB375, which are the sustainable development laws being implemented statewide.

a. Provides a vehicle to notify your public officials;

b. Hold you and your public officials accountable – we all are responsible for knowing the law.

2. Provide your committee with the tools necessary to evaluate your city General Plan and General Plan elements. Included are examples of three city case studies that you can use to critique your city documents. Selected case studies are in Microsoft Word format, so you can easily edit them as desired. For example, there is a critique of a Housing Element – part of the General Plan – for the city of Seal Beach. The Word file has a cover page and an appendix with research specific to California. All you need to do is:

a. Fill in the body specific to your city critique, and rename the title page.

b. Footnote the included research to your specific document and kudos, you are done!

Once you have completed your critique, deliver it to your elected officials denoting your demands and desires to have sustainable development removed.

What You Get

Six copies of Agenda 21; Sustainable Development in California Report


a. City case study examples.

b. Report templates in Microsoft Word file format.

c. Agenda 21: Sustainable Development brochure.

d. Cap & Trade brochure PDF

e. Report: Recognizing Agenda 21 in Your Community.

f.  Resource Links.


a. Agenda 21; How Will it Affect You? b. The Real Face of the European Union.


Included is contact information. If you have questions, we can guide you. Includes…

The California Sustainable Research Library

We have assembled this research library so that your Citizen Action Committee will have all the necessary facts regarding sustainable development in order to debate the subject. It is designed to make you the opinion leader in your city. For example, key findings from the report, Agenda 21 & the Fiscal and Economic Impact of AB32, are in the appendix of the Seal Beach case study mentioned above. Consider the power of this library when you talk about sustainable development and you have this library at your side.

a. Agenda 21: Sustainable Development in California, ISBN 1582911177

b. Agenda 21: Sustainable Development in the U.S.A., ISBN 1582911169

c. Report: Agenda 21 & the Fiscal and Economic Impact of AB32, ISBN 1582911193

d. U.N. Agenda 21 & Climate Change: The Consensus Exposed, ISBN 1582911207

e. Future Earth: Rebranding Agenda 21