Rancho Cucamonga Supports Ghost Recycling?

October 24, 2019 – Dan Titus

Notice of Public Hearing – Solid Waste Rates

7:00 p.m., November, 20th 2019

10500 Civic Center Drive, Rancho Cucamonga, California, 91730

The city of Rancho Cucamonga sent out a “Notice of Public Hearing – Solid Waste Rates” in Early October for a trash rate increase. Burrtec, the city’s trash collector, wants to increase residential rates just over 30% mainly because of “Extraordinary adjustment to disposal and processing costs based on recycling markets.” Translation: China stopped buying recyclable products; therefore, the market for recycled products is dying or already dead in many states – It’s a ghost market that does not really exist. The LA Times states, “…scrap waste is piling up in warehouses and parking lots. Some is ending up in waterways, oceans, landfills and incinerators.”

According to the city, California does not use any of the recycled materials that are collected. It is shipped out of state. This negates the purpose of recycling because CO2 is produced to process and transport recycled material.

In their report, consultants are recommending a 10.79% residential rate increase. Basically, the consultant found that Burrtec was overstating their costs and did not agree with the requested 30.95% rate increase figure; however, the city council will approve a final figure at the November 20th, meeting.

Reports don’t consider costs to ratepayers. Water rationing that will begin in 2023, whereby each resident in the state will be allotted 55 gallons of indoor water use per day. Consider this: An 8 minute shower uses 17 gallons of water and a load of laundry uses up to 40 gallons of water; therefore, people will not be able to take a shower or do laundry in the same day.

By State mandate, consumers are expected to use water to prep, clean and sort trash. This requires time and energy resources that they are not compensated for.  As long as there is a market, corporations benefit; in this case, Burrtec. In a state mandated ghost market, consumers are forced to prop up business.

In the real-world, a private company would shift their core business strategy, or go out of business when a market collapses.  Residents need to be heard on this issue because, at some point parasite programs eventually kill the host.

As per the franchise agreement with the city, Burrtec can request rate increases two times per year. Therefore, rates will perpetually go up to cover costs. For example, at the recommended rate of 10.79%, that would mean a rate of over 20%.

It’s time the city band with other cities and say no to unbridled state mandates choking residents. They need to do this despite the threat of fines by the state. They need to address the cause of problem, which is forced environmentalism to combat climate change, and offer common sense solutions. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Cancel the recycling program. This would force Burrtec to realign operations and reduce overhead.
  2. Suspend the recycling program until market conditions for recycled products improves. This would force Burrtec to realign operations and reduce overhead.
  3. Submit a bid to other waste management companies. Make Burrtec compete in the market place.
  4. Have the city reduce it’s 15% franchise fee to subsidize residential/ business rate increases.

Attend the hearing on November 20th and let your voice be heard.