Trump Picks Climate Realist to Debunk Warming Alarmism

By Liberty Sentinel Staff

The Trump administration has appointed renowned physicist Dr. William Happer of Princeton University, a well-known critic of the man-made global-warming hypothesis, to lead the Presidential Committee on Climate Security.

Based on leaked documents, it appears that Happer will spearhead an effort to rein in the United Nations-backed climate alarmism that has infected so many federal agencies. Happer was previously appointed to the National Security Council.

In an interview with international journalist Alex Newman following a climate conference at which they both spoke, Professor Happer argued that humanity would benefit from more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is at historically low levels. The respected scientist also noted that any global warming would be a hugely positive development for humanity, helping to increase agricultural yields while reducing deaths caused by extreme cold.

Predictably, man-made global-warming theorists and climate alarmists freaked out about the latest news. The increasingly discredited establishment media, which has been pushing what Trump called the climate “hoax” for years, slammed Happer as a “climate denier” and worse. However, virtually none of the shrill media reports bothered to address his scientific arguments. Nor did they bother to explain why climate alarmists have been so consistently wrong about everything.

Democrats are furious, too. In a letter sent to Trump this week, the chairs of multiple House committees expressed concern over “recent reports that the National Security Council (NSC) is planning to assemble a secret panel, led by a discredited climate change denier, to undermine the overwhelming scientific consensus on the nature and threats of climate change.” In reality, it appears the Democrats are concerned that real scientists may debunk the pseudo-science being used to justify their agenda.

“CO2 will be good for the Earth,” Happer told Liberty Sentinel Media chief Newman.

At the Freedom Force International’s 2016 event “Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie,” Happer noted that most plants were actually designed to exist in an atmosphere much richer in CO2, which he described as a wonderful and beneficial molecule. Almost all plant life would benefit from more CO2, which is why farmers pump it into their greenhouses, Happer explained.

“We’ve heard that CO2 is a demon molecule that causes global warming,” Happer said, noting that the Earth was getting greener and crop yields were increasing as a result of the increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. “We should tell the truth: CO2 will benefit the Earth.” It will also be a major boon to humanity, he explained, noting that experiments show plants grow better and faster when CO2 levels are doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled.

Dr. Happer also showed that, in the Earth’s past, CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere were far, far higher than they are today. “It is measured in thousands of parts per million rather than hundreds, as we have today,” he explained, noting that humans exhale about two pounds of CO2 each day just by breathing. “The EPA is just completely bonkers,” the professor added, highlighting the absurdity of having a federal agency wage a war on what scientists refer to as “the gas of life.”

In an interview with Newman, who Happer said knew more about climate than most scientists, the physicist re-iterated his views on the benefits of more carbon dioxide. “CO2 will be good for the Earth,” he explained. “If you look at geological history, CO2 levels are unusually low right now, it’s very seldom that they’ve been this low. Many plants are not growing as good as they could if they had more CO2, so CO2 by itself will be very good for the Earth, more will be a good thing.”

As for the catastrophic man-made global-warming theory, Happer rejected the view that man’s emissions of CO2 would produce any such problems. “It’s pretty clear that we’re not going to see dangerous climate change,” he said. “If nothing else, the Earth has already done this experiment many times, because in the geological past CO2 levels have been four times, five times, even higher than today, and life flourished all over the Earth and in the oceans too. So it’s nonsense, [CO2 is] not a pollutant.”

Hopefully in his job in the Trump administration, Happer can help the president to Make Science Great Again, too.

Watch Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc. CEO Alex Newman expose the mainstream media’s dishonesty on climate change in a speech at the 2016 Freedom Force International event where Happer and other experts debunked the pseudo-science.


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