Rescind the Countywide Vision

Rescind the Countywide Vision

Action Items

Goal: To get your city council to place a motion on the calendar for an up or down vote to rescind the Countywide Vision statement.

  1. Download to Get Flyer and Details
  2. Review the ACSC recommendation letter sent to all San Bernardino cites
  3. Review the resolution signed by your city
  4. Contact your city representatives and ask them to put the item on the agenda for a vote


The Countywide Vision statement, that most cities in San Bernardino, California signed, promotes sustainability through social justice/equity, which are higher taxes for environmental programs and for social programs in San Bernardino County. In essence, the vision promotes socialism. The Rescind the Countywide Vision Campaign is designed to get cities out of this regional program.

Thrust: The Reason to Rescind the Countywide Vision

Central planning “experts” espouse that the younger generation, Millennials, want to live in small apartments, ride bikes, walk and have no desire to drive cars. This is, The Millennial Myth. We have said for years that this is not true. Now our research has been corroborated in a mobility report published in January 2018. In reference to the report Hasan Ikhrata stated:

“So this idea that Millennials are not loving their car or not loving to live the way the baby boomers is not proving to be the case.”

Hasan Ikhrata, president of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)

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